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12.05.11 Wheels Week Scooter race.

Our resident road racer Bryan (The stig) Hill was asked to show his superior road racing skills, in the wheels week scooter race!


Dressed in full race leathers, boots gloves and intimidating iridium Shoei helmet visor, Bryan (The stig) took on the challenge from other professional electric scooter races and finished 2nd equal behind a lady wearing a nice white sweater, sports shoes and a brimmed sun hat. Even though the racing was close, Bryan (The stig) was the only rider to corner that fast, that he was able to lean enough to use his race suit knee sliders on the unbanked RSA carpark oval race way. All the other retired RSA scooter races were definately impressed by Bryans obvious better racing skills!!!  " I will be back next year again to race and next time the lady with the brimmed hat wont beat me" Bryan (The stig) Hill said.



Bryan (The stig) Hill sitting on the start line waiting for the lights to go green and race to the first corner.


Sweeping around the outside of another competitor and lining up the apex point of the corner.


High corner speed and accurate corner entry and exit allows for polished knee dragging which not alot of proffesional electric scooter races are able to achieve!!


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